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Case Book

Ali from Salop, UK
Problem... Suffering for over two years from terrible acne. She contacted me and over a four week period, the condition cleared and has not returned.

Anna from Seattle
'Since you began healing for me my ulcer has now healed. I can hardly express how grateful I am'

Don from the USA
Problem... Suffered from deep depression for five years. After six weeks of intense distance healing, Don was able to return to his job and "felt on top of the world".

Elizabeth from Singapore
Problem... Very ill due to cancer and desperately unhappy because she was the subject of a Far Eastern 'hex'. Both the cancer and the hex were removed from her body... she now lives a full and happy life enjoying her favourite pastime of holidaying around the world.

Liz from Houston
'David, the healing has been wonderful. My doctors have told me there is now no sign of the tumour'.

Kim from the East of England
Problem... Collapsed at her own birthday party. ME was diagnosed six months later. After three weeks healing she was able to return to work; healing continued for a year. Kim has since had three promotions and now works as an area manager. This was four years ago and now the ME appears to be no problem!

Neil from New York
'The depression I have suffered for twenty years has gone. My friends tell me I'm now a different person to have around'.

Peter from Lincs, UK
Problem... Arthritis - Peter was a hands-on patient who, when I first met him, was in a dreadful condition. He really wasn't able to leave his home, and spent most of the day watching TV in great pain and distress. However, with gentle healing over a 5 month period, around 85% of his pain had disappeared. He now visits me on a 'needs-must' basis, perhaps three times a year.

Gary from Boston
'I have spent thousands of dollars on doctors all to no avail. When I read your website I'd never heard of distance healing. I was a definite doubter, it sounded like a scam! It's only four weeks since your healing began and I now feel 100%. Please begin your healing for my Mom'.

Mary from London
'My dog is better; I can hardly believe this. I have been walking him today and he's absolutely fantastic'.

John from Eire
'Thank you for the healing given to our son Peter. When we contacted you he was so very ill. My doctor finds it difficult to accept the rapid improvement. Please continue'.