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My Spiritual Healing

There's more than one way to wellness and/or quality of life.
A Hindu proverb says, There are dozens of paths up the mountain leading to the same place, so it doesn't matter which path you take. The only person wasting time is the one who runs around telling everyone that his path is wrong.
March 2020. Corona Virus

I have already been approached by a number of people suffering from Corona Virus who have subsequently become patients. I can not claim my healing has cured these patients but ALL have been absolutely convinced they suffered much, much less with my healing than without it.

I am happy to continue healing for the benefit of those suffering from Corona Virus even if unconfirmed (as yet) by your doctor. I feel the sooner healing is requested the greater the benefits will be. Do please feel free to contact me.

From the Cosmopolitan ... by Eleanor Bailey.
'I am seeing a distance healer. Rather I'm not seeing a distance healer. For David Cook works best without ever meeting his patients - or knowing anything about them. Every night at midnight and again in the morning between 9 and 10 am he will channel and send the energy to heal me. And it worked too because my period which was two weeks overdue started and my depression lifted. Over the next week a verruca clears and I start sleeping better ......
My Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing, sometimes referred to as 'energy healing' is a collective term for various types of complimentary practices related to restoring wholeness and/or wellness to the body. While the specific process varies from healer to healer, all forms of spiritual healing have to do with connecting with energy surrounding all of us which are capable of bringing about healing. It is the healers task to channel such good and healing forces to the patient in order to bring about betterment. It is beneficial to both humans and animal alike. This type of healing as been known for hundreds of years and in all civilizations.  

Some healers come from families with a long history of healing (not unlike my own) while others approach a professional body to be taught how to heal.  

For a greater understanding of my subject I have taken both pathways.